Automated Browser Tester Adds Mobile Functionality

LambdaTest has added mobile functionality to its cloud-based cross-browser testing platform.

The company earlier this year debuted with an online Selenium Grid that let Web developers conduct cross-browser testing across more than 2,000 browser/OS combinations.

However, LambdaTest said customers asked about automation testing for mobile Web experiences, which it answered with the recent introduction of an Appium Grid to serve the mobile camp with the same test automation framework support and browser reach found in the Selenium Grid.

It supports programming languages ranging from Python to Java to PHP, along with frameworks ranging from Jenkins to Travis CI to GitLab CI and project management tools ranging from Asana to GitHub to Mantis.

"Users will now get all the latest mobile devices running Chrome browser versions for Android and Safari for iOS to test their Web site or Web app on," the company said.

While LambdaTest does just Web browser testing now in the mobile space, native app testing capability is in the works. "As of now, it is not possible but we do have it in our roadmap," the San Francisco company said. "Our developers have already geared up for native mobile application testing and you can expect it to be made live on our platform very shortly."

One capability already in the tool's arsenal is the ability to test locally hosted Web sites via the SSH-based Lambda Tunnel that connects local machines to the cloud for testing on real mobile browsers. It also supports parallel execution, said to speed up go-to-market launch times.

Pricing details are available here.

About the Author

David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.