Malware Index Advises Android Developers of Suspicious Apps on Google Play

Secure-D has unveiled a free mobile malware center that lets developers and others see suspicious Android apps.

The Secure-D Index, published by the mobile security platform provider that's owned by London-based tech company Upstream, lists the top malicious Android apps that have been identified and blocked by the platform, ranked by level of suspicious activity.

Currently in beta, it lists information about the apps including:

  • Number of downloads
  • Market infection rate
  • Markets where the app is active
  • App description (if available)
  • Google Play status (removed, published)
  • The name of the app's developer and a link to the developer's Web site (if available)

"Data is openly available to the whole mobile industry, from app developers, ad networks and publishers, to media, advertisers and mobile network operators that all fall prey to mobile ad fraud," the company said in a July 18 news release.

Top 10 Items on the Secure-D Index for July 21
[Click on image for larger view.] Top 10 Items on the Secure-D Index for July 21 (source: Secure-D/Upstream)

Any of the above can access the top 20 most active malware apps from the previous day, with more information available upon registration.

The company said the index lists more than 1,500 malicious apps, downloaded an estimated 13.5 billion times.

Secure-D said that in 2018 it processed more than 1.8 billion mobile transactions, detected and blocked more than 63,000 malicious apps in 16 countries, each day identifiying and blocking more than 170 new malwares.

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.