Eclipse MicroProfile 2.2 Continues Alignment with Java EE 8

The latest release of the Eclipse MicroProfile (version 2.2) continues to align itself with Java EE 8 as the foundational programming model for the development of Java microservices. It builds on the last release (version 2.1) with numerous updates, additional features and greater functionality for implementing enterprise Java microservices.

The of enhancements in this release includes updates to Fault Tolerance, Open Tracing, Open API and Rest Client APIs.

The updated version of Fault Tolerance (version 2.0) adds support to this release of return types when used asynchronously, as well as support for Java EE 8, and it provides clarifications to the specifications, explained Cesar Saavedra, technical product marketing manager at Red Hat, in a blog post.

Open Tracing 1.3 brings tighter integration to Rest Client, introduces clarifications to the specification, enhances its Test Compatibility Kit (TCK), updates pom.xml and adds the HTTP method to http-path operation name.

This version of Open API introduces enhancements to its TCK, adds the JAX-RS 2.1 PATCH method and introduces default implementations for builder methods, and annotation improvements.

Version 1.2 of Rest Client now generates headers en masse including propagation of headers from inbound JAX-RS requests. It also adds new connectTimeout and readTimeout methods on RestClientBuilder (as well as corresponding MicroProfile Config properties), a new SPI interface for intercepting new client instances and new documentation about its integration to other MicroProfile technologies.

"Eclipse MicroProfile continues to forge ahead," Saavedra wrote, "enabling enterprise Java microservices development for enterprise Java developers."

The list of possible updates for future versions of the Eclipse MicroProfile platform under active discussion includes: Reactive Messaging, GraphQL, Concurrency, Reactive Relational Database Access, Event Data, Service meshes., an independent initiative to create a baseline platform definition that optimizes enterprise Java for microservices architecture, was unveiled by its founders at the Devoxx UK and DevNation events in June 2016. The list of founders includes Red Hat, IBM, Tomitribe, Payara and the London Java Community (LJC). Brazil's SouJava Community joined soon after the announcement. The following September, MicroProfile 1.0 was announced during the annual JavaOne event. The initiative became an Eclipse project in December 2016.

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