OutSystems Launches Low-Code App Intelligence Tool

OutSystems announced it's testing a low-code app intelligence tool designed to help organizations monitor performance and other metrics for mobile and other apps and quickly implement needed updates.

OutSystems, which says it combines low-code development functionality with advanced mobile capabilities, claimed its solution is an industry first.

It's called OutSystems Insights and is currently offered to participants in the company's Early Access Program. It monitors metrics such as app usage, engagement and customer satisfaction trends in order to provide real-time feedback and enable enterprises to quickly respond to discovered opportunities or crank out "course correction" updates, the company said.

The company quoted one customer who in early testing of the solution did just that. "With OutSystems Insights we had real-time feedback in the first 48 hours, and we were able to take action and make impactful changes to our applications," said Goncalo Vilhena, CIO of Ranstad.

In a blog post, OutSystems product marketing exec Rachel Brennan said the company had been using the tool internally to track its own portfolio of apps, finding that it worked so well it decided to offer it up for testing in its program that lets participants get early access to releases before they are publicly launched. She said the program is best suited to customers who already have at least one app that's already live or about to be, and it will run throughout the rest of the year, with more invitations to be extended in the coming months.

OutSystems has recently ranked among the leaders in the low-code development market by research firms such as Ovum, Forrester Research and Gartner.

The low-code development tools space has exploded in recent years as enterprises struggle to keep pace with needed mobile apps during a dearth of hard-to-find professional developers. The tools aim at "citizen developers" or "business developers" with techniques such as drag-and-drop visual interfaces, model- and template-driven development and other simplified dev experiences.

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