Okta Releases Free 'API for One App' for Single App Security

On Wednesday identity cloud security provider Okta Inc. announced the launch of API Products for One App, an API-based tool for authenticating single Web sites and applications.

It is is available for free for single use when displaying the "Identity by Okta" branding on the login page of the app, the company said.

According to the company, the release includes features like authentication and directory services, social authentication and/or self registration, secure multifactor authentication via Okta Verify and use of the Okta REST API, among others.

"With launch of Okta API Products for One App, any app development team can take advantage of Okta API Products for a single app," the company commented in the official announcement of the product.

"Now, with Okta API Products for One App, development teams don't have to debate whether they should try to build authentication themselves -- they can just use Okta," CEO and co-founder Todd McKinnon said of the launch in a prepared statement

For more than one application, the company offers Okta API Products for Developers, which it describes as a way to make "it easy for dev teams to use identity and access management on a small scale with Okta" by giving developers programmatic access to the Okta Identity Cloud via Okta APIs.

Okta API Products for One App is now available; more information can be found here.

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