As Go 2.0 Nears, AWS Launches Developer Preview of Go SDK 2.0

There's now a developer preview of an updated SDK for the Go programming language available on the Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) cloud.

Sometimes called Golang, Go is a Google-backed, open source programming language optimized for large-scale apps, such as performant Web apps that can run at tremendous scale. It's now at version 1.9 stable, but is being moved to version 2.0, a major upgrade whose release data has not yet been revealed.

To help AWS users prepare for that, the company released AWS SDK for Go 2.0.

"The Developer Preview is here for you to provide feedback, and influence the direction of the AWS SDK for Go 2.0 before its production-ready, general availability launch," AWS said. "Tell us what you like, and what you don’t like."

While the preview is designed to garner feedback from developers, AWS said the new SDK has already seen many aspects refactored stemming from such feedback already gathered in the previous offering. That feedback, AWS said, resulted in the SDK changes focused on performance, consistency, discoverability and ease of use.

"Our focus for the 2.0 SDK is to improve the SDK’s development experience and performance, make the SDK easy to extend, and add new features," AWS said. "The changes made in the Developer Preview target the major pain points of configuring the SDK and using AWS service API calls."

Developers interested in putting the new offering through its paces can install it alongside with previous 1.x SDKs, for which AWS said it won't be dropping support anytime soon. Plans about how the company will continue to support legacy installations will be provided as the Go SDK 2.0 launch date nears, AWS said.

Editor's note: This article has been corrected to change wording that indicated the SDK was built for the upcoming Go 2.0 release.

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