Apperian Update Targets Mobile App Security

Apperian updated its mobile application management (MAM) platform with more functionality designed to boost the security of enterprise mobile app data.

The enhancements take advantage of native device capabilities and various industry protocols and add more password controls to secure mobile apps that are distributed to different user groups, such as internal employees, external contracted workers, partners, distributors, agents and so on.

The Boston-based Arxan company's platform provides services such as app analytics, authentication, an app store, app lifecycle management, app onboarding and more, with an emphasis on security.

That latter functionality is being enhanced in three ways with an update announced this week:

  • New support for Touch ID Authentication on iOS devices that lets users bypass the need to enter a password when accessing services such as the company's iOS App Catalog or other iOS apps managed by policies that require authentication.
  • New support of the OAuth authentication protocol, letting users provide their existing identity infrastructure when accessing apps with appropriate security without the need to create secret identity attributes in the platform.
  • Advanced password complexity requirements, providing more granular control to administrators who manage functionality such as password expiration time, password history for enforcing the use of unique passwords and the number of failed attempts before an account is locked.

Apperian said its platform lets mobile administrators apply security policies for mobile apps via a management console, without requiring the use of an SDK or modifying code. This, the company said, lets organizations distribute apps to mobile workers without requiring their devices to be enrolled in a device management solution.

"As we continue to build out TD Bank's employee mobile app ecosystem, it is extremely important we marry convenient access with the assurance that TD's data remains secure," the company quoted customer Kevin Faragher at TD Bank as saying. "We are looking forward to enabling Touch ID as a way to login to the Apperian App Catalog, as this is a great example of balancing employee experience with security."

About the Author

David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.