Appdome Service Simplifies Commercial App SDK Integrations

Appdome Inc., which provides a platform for infusing third-party functionality into mobile apps, has launched a new publisher service providing SDK integration for apps developed by enterprises for commercial use.

Called Appdome for App Publishers, it's described as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) extension to the Appdome Platform that lets developers of commercial apps make them available for point-and-click integration with various third-party SDKs, such as for security or enterprise mobility management.

The Silicon Valley start-up claims its AppFusion technology lets developers (or "citizen mobile integrators") integrate their iOS or Android apps with resources such as mobile SDKs or other services simply by selecting feature sets from a list. The cloud-based automatic integration tool "fuses" the resources into the app, bypassing traditional processes that require hand coding or implementing SDKs in source code.

The new app publisher service takes that notion further. "By avoiding third-party SDK implementations altogether, app publishers and ISVs can also avoid indirect costs associated with team distraction, feature de-prioritization and wasted development efforts -- tied to conflicting implementation models required to support multiple SDKs from different vendors," Appdome CEO Tom Tovar said in a blog post today.

Users of the Appdome platform who wish to publish apps for the service request permission to participate and then upload their apps to the platform. Uploaded apps are displayed in a private catalog available only to Appdome customers, who can browse the offerings and select an app they want to use. They can add an app to their private library and then fuse it with any service made available on the platform.

The service is free for publishers, though a subscription plan is offered for those who require more advanced validation, functionality and support. Apps in the company's App Catalog are made available to paying customers only. The service and the App Catalog provide only SDK app integration services, not app distribution

Interested developers can find more information here.

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.