Perfecto Quickens Mobile App Development Feedback

Perfecto Mobile Ltd. today introduced new tools based on its cloud-based Continuous Quality Lab, aimed at quickening the pace of mobile and Web development efforts.

The idea is for developers to get real-world feedback more quickly for faster debugging and troubleshooting, which the company indicated is especially useful in dev shops that practice continuous integration and DevOps. The company said obtaining faster feedback early in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) helps to find and fix platform-specific bugs and streamline the workflow.

This faster feedback will also address a thorny problem in mobile and Web development: tackling expanding bug fix backlogs, which according to data from Forrester Research Inc. takes up some 25 percent of developers' time.

"This effort can be minimized with fast feedback, improved mapping of target coverage areas and the ability to embed automated quality practices throughout the entire SDLC, from development to testing to production," the company said in a news release today. "Mobile app and Web developers can use Perfecto's new tools to support these practices and in turn improve the quality of their code, increase time to market and reduce risks to the user experience in production."

The new tools, which weren't specifically named, are available with an additional license, though some free versions will be available in the coming months to developers who pre-register with the company.

Key features of the tools listed by the company include:

  • Injection of quality across development, QA and ops processes: Teams can integrate unit, exploratory and automated testing directly into their IDE of choice for mobile or Web.
  • Full support for native mobile testing frameworks: Espresso (Android) and XCTest (iOS), enables developers to receive early feedback from CI builds over a wide range of platforms, environments and real user conditions.
  • Improved visibility into bugs: Perfecto's DigitalZoom reporting provides cross-platform visibility and allows teams to track quality trends, analyze platform-specific issues and collaborate on test results for faster fixes.
  • Accelerated debugging: Perfecto's DevTunnel accelerates debugging and troubleshooting in development cycles by providing instant access to a variety of real cloud-based devices, browsers and user environments from within different IDEs, using different debuggers of choice.

The Perfecto Continuous Quality Lab provides 14 datacenters in the cloud that enable the automated testing of mobile apps on thousands of real devices in an environment that simulates real-world networks, locations and scenarios.

About the Author

David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.