Appdome Mobile Integration Tool Adds App Management

Appdome Inc., which provides no-code automatic integration services for security and other functionality, is expanding into the Mobile Application Management (MAM) arena through a partnership with Appaloosa.

Appaloosa, a subsidiary of Octo Technology, supplies testing and distribution services via a MAM and Native App Store. According to a statement, the company "helps enterprises deploy mobile apps to employees and partners with a clear separation between work and personal environments on the same device. The company solves the problem of private app distribution, update and management, while helping mobile and digital teams build, test, deploy and manage their apps."

Those capabilities are being integrated with Appdome's AppFusion Platform, announced in beta last October.

AppFusion lets developers (or "citizen mobile integrators") integrate their iOS or Android apps with resources such as mobile SDKs or other services simply by selecting feature sets from a list. The cloud-based automatic integration tool "fuses" the resources into the app, bypassing traditional processes that require hand coding or implementing SDKs in source code.

"Appaloosa's MAM SDK and Enterprise App Store can now be codelessly implemented using AppFusion," Appdome said in a statement. "The cloud-based fusion process is done automatically using Appdome's simple point-and-click Web interface, enabling the integration of the full Appaloosa SDK functionality within minutes. The Appaloosa SDK will be available on the Appdome platform as an expansion to the existing mobility 'Management' service category, under a subcategory called 'Mobile Application Management.'"

Appaloosa CEO Julien Ott also weighed in on the new partnership. "Because Appaloosa does not require a MDM (mobile device management) solution, it can be deployed as a standalone MAM (mobile application management) solution, or it can co-exist with an existing MDM," Ott said. "This makes it an ideal solution for BYOD (bring your own device) environments where managing devices is challenging, costly, or simply not feasible. In partnering with Appdome, we are making it easier for customers to take advantage of this offering, allowing them to easily integrate, secure and manage their apps via the Appaloosa app store in just minutes instead of weeks or months."

About the Author

David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.