Red Hat Unveils Open Source Developer Tools Beta

Open source champion Red Hat Inc. yesterday unveiled a beta of its C and C++ developer tools for working with its enterprise Linux platform.

Featuring components such as the Eclipse IDE, the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), GNU Project Debugger (GDB), Git version control system, SystemTap scripting language, OProfile system profiler and others, the Red Hat Developer Toolset (now in beta version 6.0) is available through the company's developer program and subscriptions to its Red Hat Enterprise Linux offering, including the no-cost option.

The 6.0 beta, which features updates to many of those components, also now supports other architectures besides Intel, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Power and Red Hat Enterprise Linux for z Systems, in addition to being available for the first time on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server for ARM Developer Preview.

The dev tools offering provides an option for Linux developers in addition to the default tools included with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 or 7.

"Red Hat Developer Toolset delivers the latest stable versions of essential C and C++ and supporting development tools to enhance developer productivity and improve deployment times," the company's Web site says. "Available via most Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions, Red Hat Developer Toolset makes it possible to compile once and deploy to multiple versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux."

The company said its dev tools help coders more quickly create, diagnose, and debug applications in the development stage and then can help them analyze application performance to isolate memory errors and management problems.

Those applications can then be deployed natively on its enterprise Linux distributions or on the cloud-based OpenShift by Red Hat.

The company also announced an updated beta of its Red Hat Software Collection, encompassing open source Web development tools, dynamic languages and databases.

"New additions to Red Hat Software Collections 2.3 Beta include several open source databases (MySQL 5.7 and Redis 3.2) and open source languages (Perl 5.24 and PHP 7.0), as well as Git 2.9 and Thermostat 1.6, a JVM monitoring tool," the company said. "Additionally, Eclipse Neon (4.6.1) is now included as its own software collection and not as a part of Red Hat Developer Toolset. Updated collections include PHP 5.6, Python 3.5, Ruby 2.3, and Mongo 3.2."

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