Tool Targets 'Zero-Code' Enterprise Apps

Another effort to bypass professional mobile app developers has emerged from TerraGo, which announced TerraGo Magic, "a zero-code app platform."

The company is known for its TerraGo Edge mobile platform that provides advanced GPS and geographic information system (GIS) functionality combined with smart forms and workforce management capabilities.

"With TerraGo Magic, organizations can rapidly deploy iOS, Android and Web apps, customized with their unique branding, workflow and features, and without the expense of mobile software development, maintenance and operations," the company said in a statement last week.

The platform lets developers incorporate features such as location-based notes into their mobile or Web apps, attach forms, photos and videos, create custom project notebooks with maps, forms and access control, share PDF reports via Dropbox or e-mail, and more.

The company said TerraGo Magic integrates with GIS and CAD applications, provides a REST API, facilitates iOS and Android task notifications and features extensive mapping functionality, while using an open database architecture.

"Anyone can build native apps in minutes with TerraGo Magic, but the benefits go far beyond the initial development and extend to the full application lifecycle," said exec Dave Basil. "TerraGo Magic doesn't just build the app, but also publishes, deploys, operates, maintains and upgrades the entire solution. For our customers and partners it's completely hands off, because they don't have to develop the app or cloud infrastructure, or spend resources to support it. They develop private label apps, customized for their operations, enabling them to focus on their core business."

The company solicited a customer to back up those claims with a statement.

"The ability to create custom field apps utilizing TerraGo Magic -- without writing any code -- provides a level of speed and flexibility we have never been able to achieve through traditional software development methods," said Lance Fugate, project manager at Enmapp. "Working with TerraGo has always been like having our own development team, and Magic enhances our ability to instantly tailor mobile solutions unique to the project requirements across the energy sector. The amount of money we save, and the savings we can pass on to our customers is a game changer -- and the technology has improved our delivery across the board."

No pricing was available, as the company invited interested developers to request a quote.

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.