Apteligent Offers Free Mobile App Metrics SDK

Apteligent has launched an enhanced version of its Standard Edition SDK for tracking mobile app metrics.

The company provides tooling designed to help mobile developers and product managers troubleshoot, prioritize and resolve mobile app issues that degrade UX, providing real-time information to discover and resolve crashes, freezes and other problems in key user flows.

With no volume limits, the newly enhanced free Standard Edition provides many of same features found in the company's JumpStart Edition that starts at $150 per month for the lowest monthly active users (MAU) tier and the Enterprise Edition, for which pricing isn't published, Apteligent said in a recent announcement.

Those features in the free SDK include crash reporting, automatic breadcrumbs, service monitoring and support for iOS, Android and Unity (Windows/Xamarin, hybrid, PhoneGap/Cordova and NDK support is only available with paid plans).

Specifically, the company also listed the following features in the new offering:

  • Apteligent Release Console provides the vital metrics needed to compare the stability of a new app version to the previous version.
  • Handled exceptions help developers keep users in the app by gracefully handling non-fatal problems.
  • Network insights allow for easy diagnosis of issues caused by backend server calls.
  • Automatically instrumented user flows create cohesion across mobile product and development teams by monitoring critical app flows like app load time, screen change, and others that are known to directly correlate with user retention.
  • Customized breadcrumbs can be sprinkled into your code to help you reproduce problems easily.
  • API access enables developers to easily incorporate app data from Apteligent into other systems or dashboards.

The Apteligent mobile metrics SDKs integrate with popular developer, product, DevOps and marketing tools such as Slack, Jira, GitHub, Adobe, Splunk and Localytics.

Apteligent said further functionality is planned for the standard SDK, such as a flexible crash grouping feature that supports more efficient prioritization of incidents and developer workflows.

"We are very excited to be delivering what we know to be the most comprehensive mobile app SDK to the widest possible audience," said CEO Dave Robbins. "We've incorporated many of the features that have made our Enterprise Edition the SDK of choice for industry-leading app development teams while eliminating volume limits. More importantly, unlike other vendors in this space, user data is kept strictly anonymous and never sold for advertising purposes. Our free version really is free."

About the Author

David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.