CloudBees Releases Jenkins-Based CD-as-a-Service

Continuous delivery (CD) solutions provider CloudBees has rolled out the first-ever Jenkins-based CD-as-a-Service (CDaaS) platform. The CloudBees Jenkins Platform - Private SaaS Edition (PSE) is a turnkey, elastic CDaaS designed to give DevOps teams a way to set up their own Jenkins instances, quickly, deploy on a private cloud and share services across projects.

With this release, the company is essentially automating the automation engine. The PSE is a private Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that can be installed and run on top of a company's private cloud or using dedicated AWS or OpenStack resources. The platform uses Docker containers to deploy Jenkins at any scale and Apache Mesos to manage large-scale clusters. The result, explained Andre Pino, CloudBees' VP of marketing, is a platform that allows DevOps teams to provision, deploy and manage the Jenkins CD/CI server quickly for all their software delivery teams.

"This is a milestone -- a first -- in the continuous delivery market," Pino told ADTmag. "Enterprises that are utilizing Jenkins more and more as they implement CD throughout their organizations now have a way to enable those project teams to instantly provision a new development project powered by Jenkins."

The PSE is designed to enable instant start-up of new projects, providing teams with a fully provisioned, enterprise Jenkins environment. It provides automatic failover capabilities that spin up new Jenkins resources automatically in the event of an unexpected failure. It supports the creation of high-density, multi-tenant Jenkins environments to share across departments and geographies. And it comes with built-in analytics features.

"We know that continuous delivery is taking hold within organizations because of Jenkins' job growth," Pino said. "Job-growth," which is a measure of how much work Jenkins is doing, increased approximate 75 percent on average, year-over-year, around the world, he said.

Last month, CloudBees announced the best financial results in its six-year history; revenues related to CloudBees Jenkins Platform subscriptions grew by 150 percent over the previous year, the company reported. CloudBees, which had been known since it was founded in 2010 primarily as one of the few providers of a Java-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), refocused on Jenkins in 2014. The company was an early supporter of the CI server, and continues to be its leading commercial supporter.

The CloudBees Jenkins Platform is based on the core open source, Java-based Jenkins continuous integration (CI) server technology enhanced with enterprise features and technical support. Jenkins forked from the Hudson CI back in 2011. Kohsuke Kawaguchi, who created Hudson and instigated the Jenkins fork, became an elite developer and architect at CloudBees.

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