Keynote Integrates AppDome Security with Its Mobile App Testing Platform

Security functionality from AppDome is being integrated with the Keynote mobile app device testing cloud, the companies announced yesterday.

Specifically, the Keynote Mobile Testing platform, used by mobile developers to test their apps on a multitude of real-world devices across real-world networks, will now feature security testing with the AppDome Mobile Vulnerability Assessment.

Keynote, a Dynatrace subsidiary, claims its cloud-based testing, monitoring and analytics network tracks more than 700 million mobile and Web site performance metrics each day. Its DeviceAnywhere Cloud library lets developers use a Java API to test any in-person functionality on more than 300 devices that run on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phones.

Its new partner, AppDome, helps developers secure mobile apps from advanced cyber threats, mobile fraud, IP rights infringement and data theft, the company says. "AppDome's app fusion technology defends iOS and Android apps from a range of attack vectors," its Web site states. "The app fusion operates on the final application package, and does not require any source code modifications or SDK integration during the development life cycle."

Together, the companies are teaming up to address mobile security -- described by CyberEdge Group as the leading concern in enterprise IT -- in a mobile landscape that sees more than 75 percent of mobile apps failing basic security tests.

Developers, the companies said, are under increasing pressure to create performant and secure apps in rapid release cadences, and the new testing/security integration will let them do that earlier in the app development lifecycle.

"We are always looking for innovative ways to build a better product for our customers to develop and test their applications through strategic integrations, and we're excited to begin work with AppDome," said Keynote exec Howard Wilson in a statement yesterday. "The earlier agile teams can assess security vulnerabilities in the development process, the more cost effective the remedy. With this integration, we are arming agile teams with the tools they need to confidently deploy high-performing, secure applications."

AppDome CTO Avi Yehuda also weighed in on the new integration. "The advent of mobile brings to life new capabilities and convenience for consumers across a variety of use cases," Yehuda said. "However, new capabilities for consumers has also resulted in new points of attack for hackers. AppDome provides a powerful suite of mobile security solutions that detect and protect against threats. Our integration with Keynote Mobile Testing will allow customers to assess applications on a wide variety of real devices and operating systems on-demand, ensuring users can safely capitalize on the promise of mobile."

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.