Accenture Bundles Big Data Analytics as a Service

Professional services and consulting company Accenture has bundled a suite of technologies into a cloud-based, turnkey service for Big Data analytics.

The Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS) offering, Accenture Insights Platform, is yet another effort to simplify Big Data analytics. It's designed to refine the process, consolidating the hodgepodge of moving parts and disparate components associated with early Hadoop-based initiatives, which have shown signs of slowing momentum.

Accenture claims its new pay-as-you-go solution can reduce initial implementation expenses and get enterprises provisioned within a day. The company said it can start providing real-time insights for business decision-making in weeks, as opposed to traditional approaches that can take months to start providing value.

It's also designed to eliminate the challenges of big-scale analytics, such as the dreaded skills gap that consigned that specialized province to highly trained data scientists and skilled data developers.

"Comprised of an integrated suite of leading technologies, consumption-based commercial arrangements, and enterprise support, the platform is a flexible AaaS solution designed to help a range of business users, from the C-suite to data scientists, make data-driven decisions that can solve business issues and create new opportunities," the company said in a statement yesterday.

Those leading technologies include:

  • A platform to ingest, store and analyzes data.
  • A portfolio of industry, domain and client-centric applications, such as applications developed through the company's Analytics Applications Platform.
  • Services for data visualization, data science, insight execution and data management services.
  • Security and around-the-clock support.

Accenture positioned the tool as a useful utility to harness the demanding analytics challenges emerging from the exploding Internet of Things (IoT) and as a mechanism to achieve a data-driven enterprise culture, as championed by Microsoft and other companies.

"With the industrial IoT creating data and digital opportunities at a swift pace, the Accenture Insights Platform helps businesses to use that data and become insight-powered enterprises," exec Narendra Mulani said in a statement. "The platform breeds and supports a data-driven culture within an organization as it is designed to solve business problems in an agile way, encouraging a more dynamic decision-making process for a broad user base."

No pricing information was provided for the new offering, which comes from Accenture Analytics, a unit of Accenture Digital.

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.