CloudBees Unveils Jenkins Platform

CloudBees Inc. has announced the availability of its new Jenkins Platform, which combines the company's Jenkins Enterprise and Jenkins Operations Center products into a single platform. CloudBees is billing the new offering as a fully featured platform for implementing continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD). The company made the announcement last week at the Jenkins User Conference in London.

Jenkins Enterprise is a commercial version of the open source, Java-based Jenkins CI server, originally released in 2011 to provide the growing community of Jenkins users with enterprise-class support and enhanced capabilities. The Operations Center debuted later and provided a dashboard implemented as a set of plugins installed on top of a regular Jenkins master.

CloudBees, which had been known since it was founded in 2010 primarily as one of the few providers of a Java-based PaaS, refocused last year on Jenkins. The company was an early supporter of the CI server, which forked from the Hudson CI back in 2011. Kohsuke Kawaguchi, who created Hudson and instigated the Jenkins fork, became an elite developer and architect at CloudBees.

"We always had the vision to accelerate the development and delivery of software," CloudBees CEO Sacha Labourey told ADTmag, "and I think our PaaS offering was a good one. But as our customers and the market at large began pursuing continuous delivery strategies, and as Jenkins moved from a developer-centric tool to a company-wide continuous delivery hub, the market for Jenkins Enterprise grew massively. It became obvious to us that we had to refocus the company."

The CloudBees Jenkins Platform is based on the core open source Jenkins technology enhanced with enterprise features and technical support. The Team Edition adds features that support teams within an organization, both large and small. The Enterprise Edition adds features aimed at supporting large numbers of developers and/or teams, including usage monitoring and resource sharing. The Jenkins Platform currently runs on Amazon Web Services' EC2 cloud service, and supports deployments on Pivotal's Cloud Foundry.

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