MyEclipse Java EE IDE Integrates Tern JavaScript Tool

Software development tools maker Genuitec LLC has integrated the Tern stand-alone code analysis engine for JavaScript into the latest 2015 update of its MyEclipse Java EE IDE. Integrating Tern with MyEclipse 2015 Stable 2.0 "widens technology and productivity possibilities" for Java developers, the company says, allowing them to take advantage of such JavaScript frameworks as AngularJS, jQuery, Dojo and RequireJS.

MyEclipse is a modular IDE built on the Eclipse platform. It's both a Java EE IDE and a Web development tool suite that integrates open source and proprietary code in the development environment. The company announced the general availability release of MyEclipse 2015 in January. MyEclipse 2015 Stable 2.0 is based on the latest Eclipse Luna SR2 (4.4.2).

Tern is an open source code editor plugin designed to enhance the editor's support for intelligent JavaScript editing. By integrating Tern into MyEclipse, Genuitec is demonstrating that it recognizes "the importance of JavaScript to Web-based front-end development."

This release also integrates Emmet, a plugin for text editors that decreases the amount of time required to type HTML, CSS and XML by allowing coders to type short expressions that are then parsed and expanded.

Also in this release: easier access to the Iconic framework (for Web and mobile UI development) via Ionic templates for PhoneGap mobile apps.

"With so much focus on Web applications in the industry, we want to ensure our Web development tools allow for efficiency and flexibility," said Brian Fernandes, product manager for MyEclipse, in a statement. "We want to give the enterprise developer tools relevant to any project, whether it's a traditional Java EE desktop application, Web front- or back-end, or mobile project."

Flower Mound, Texas-based Genuitec, which is a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation, offers MyEclipse via subscription in several editions, including MyEclipse, MyEclipse Pro and MyEclipse Blue. More information is available on the company Web site.

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