HP Mobile Center Targets App Testing

The new HP Mobile Center integrates with the company's application lifecycle management (ALM) tools to provide on-premises mobile app testing in real-world networking conditions on actual devices.

To deal with constantly changing conditions -- such as device, OS and network updates -- the software solution is designed to give instant feedback to DevOps teams about the performance and functionality of mobile apps.

The testing center can supply realistic scenarios involving thousands of virtual users under changing network conditions on different devices, the tool's site said. It can also perform load tests, spot bottlenecks, help comply with regulations and policies, use diagnostics to optimize performance, and create reusable test scripts for iOS, Android and hybrid apps.

Specifically, HP said, the Mobile Center lets enterprises:

  • Support simulated and real-world testing to best understand usability, design and defects across any device, OS or network.
  • Understand when transactional services are working securely and properly.
  • Measure and simulate the impact of load using a combination of real devices and virtual users, for realistic assessment.
  • Gain insight into how end customers are using the application to get actionable data to improve development.
  • Determine response times, speed and quality of an application across real-world devices.
  • Accurately capture and share critical defect information of a device.
  • Integrate mobile testing into existing ALM infrastructures.

HP happens to provide those existing ALM infrastructures, too, supporting testing and other functionality along with the new Mobile Center. Those components include: HP Sprinter for manual testing of real devices; HP UFT for faster automation testing with increased coverage; HP LoadRunner and Performance Center for load testing to address problems and optimize performance; HP AppPulse Mobile for mobile analytics of production apps; and HP ALM, providing one repository for all app lifecycle data to monitor delivery teams and instantly provide a view of app release readiness, for example.

When an app fails ...
[Click on image for larger view.] When an app fails ...
(source: HP, citing Equation Research October 2012 study)

"We now live in a mobile and app-centric world, and the ability to deliver a consistent and enjoyable app experience has never been more important," said company exec Genefa Murphy in an accompanying statement. "Only HP can deliver a unique blend of domain expertise, Big Data analytics, and seamless integration with an overall ALM suite to enable mobile DevOps teams to predict how an application will respond in the real world, no matter the device, OS or context."

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