Red Hat Software Collections Beta Supports Maven, Eclipse, Git, More

Red Hat has announced the beta release of a new set of components it intends to offer on an accelerated release schedule "to expedite the delivery of" Web development tools, dynamic languages, open source databases, compilers, the Eclipse IDE, and "a variety of development and performance management tools."

The new Red Hat Software Collections (v 1.2) will be released on a separate lifecycle from Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), the company said, to keep developers working on production systems running RHEL (6.5 or 7) supplied with the latest and greatest programming tools.

The Red Hat Collections beta is "designed to bridge developer agility and production stability by accelerating the creation of modern applications that can be confidently deployed into production," the company said.

Adding a bit of confusion to the announcement, the list of components in the Collections includes another software collection: the Red Hat Developer Toolset (3.0). Considered a component in this context, the Toolset is now available for use with RHEL 7. This update also brings the Eclipse IDE to RHEL 7 for the first time, and gives C and C++ developers the ability to compile once and deploy to multiple versions of the operating system.

 The Collections bundle also comes with the Maven 3.0 build automation tool for Java projects; Git 1.9.4, which was previously included in the Red Hat Developer Toolset (developers can now access and install Git without having to install the Toolset); DevAssistant 0.9.1, for setting up development environments, publishing code, and completing other associated tasks (comes with both a GUI and CLI); and the Nginx 1.6 web server and reverse proxy server for HTTP, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP protocols.

The Collections bundle also comes with the latest stable versions of a number of dynamic languages including Ruby with Rails, Python, PHP, Perl, as well as a technology preview of node.js. It also comes with the latest stable versions of some open-source databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, and MongoDB.

The 1.2 beta release is available now on the Red Hat Customer Portal site to customers and partners with active RHEL subscriptions.

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