Apperian Opens Up API for Enterprise Mobility Platform

Apperian Inc. last week announced an open API for its enterprise mobility platform.

The company helps companies manage and deploy mobile apps to employees with a cloud-based platform that features a branded enterprise app catalog and management back end.

Apperian said the open API makes it easier for customers to extend and customize the platform and integrate their own mobile app solutions.

The open API is composed of RESTful Web services interfaces that manage key elements of the platform such as app publishing and inspections, accessing reports, system monitoring, crowdsourcing, and more. With the RESTful approach, developers can use any code that can generate HTTP requests, which return JSON-formatted data.

Along with the Apperian platform, the API interfaces are also used with partners such as IBM, Xamarin and McAfee. APIs are available for applications, users, groups, downloads and installs, push notifications, inspections, and crowdsourcing ideas.

"Apperian is almost an advertisement for openness," Apperian quoted Cormac Foster, Gigaom analyst, as saying in his report, "Sector RoadMap: Enterprise Mobility Management." "Unlike other competitors in the [enterprise mobility management] market, [Apperian's] strategy is application-focused and leverages [its] open platform to partner with complementary technologies."

Apperian said openness and extensibility are critical to the success of enterprise mobility, which it said has grown while isolated from other parts of the IT infrastructure. Enterprise mobility evolved at a different rate, needs different toolsets and isn't being uniformly adopted in the industry, the company said.

"When mobility is isolated and needs to be administered differently, it adds complexity to IT management and does not allow the enterprise to realize the full ROI of mobility," the company said. "Openness will help resolve these pain points."

About the Author

David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.