CloudTest Enhanced with Java Module

SOASTA has updated its automated Web application testing solution, CloudTest, with a new Java Module, the company announced. The new module adds support for the testing of any Java component, at scale, from streaming video to such popular protocols as WebSocket and UDP.

Mountain View, Calif.-based cloud and mobile testing solutions provider introduced CloudTest in 2008, billing it as the first cloud-based automated testing solution (think LoadRunner in the cloud). The Ajax-based application was built around the cloud and the company's analytics engine. In 2012, SOASTA earned recognition for its support of the official Web site of the London Olympics; the company performed 500 tests on the site and related mobile apps to simulate the activities of the expected peak of 400,000 concurrent users. CloudTest was also used to ensure the performance of the live stream of the Mars rover Curiosity's landing.

The introduction of the Java Module expands the scope of the product's testing capability, and acknowledges the growing demand for Agility in the development process all the way through the testing phase. The enhancement helps developers "deliver new applications at the speed of agile development," said Tom Lounibos, CEO and co-founder of SOASTA.

"We need more agility," Lounibos told ADTmag in an earlier interview. "We need to be able to do more builds, quicker. But we also need to build quality in there. Agile isn't good if you push out poorly functional apps."

The latest release of CloudTest also supports direct-to-database testing, a capability that allows developers to direct the solution to execute SQL workloads directly to the database, instead of testing them in isolation. This feature allows for new scalability and performance testing of SQL databases from Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL databases.

This release also gives developers the ability to use test-creation shortcuts -- things like recording directly to executable test clips -- which makes it easier to share test assets and components. This feature leverages the platform enhancements to CloudTest's in-memory analytics engine, providing users with "seamless visual reporting during tests.

SOAST made the announcement last week at the StarWest Conference in Anaheim, Calif.

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