Game Closure SDK Helps Devs Create HTML 5 Games

Developers who want to create games across the widest possible range of mobile devices would normally use HTML 5. The problem is that HTML 5 hasn't been considered a legitimate platform for game development, given its sluggish performance compared to native iOS or Android-developed games.

The company Game Closure hopes to overcome those hurdles with the recent release of a new SDK that allows development solely in JavaScript, with near-native performance.

The company's DevKit is 100 percent JavaScript, it says, and comes with binaries to allow upload to either the App Store, for iOS, or Google Play, for Android. " Your game will run at native speeds, taking full advantage of the powerful GPUs and CPUs in modern smartphones.  We've handled all the differences between iOS and Android for you," Game Closure states. That includes native compilation with pushes, payments and more.

But just how fast is it? Game Closure says the core engine can handle 8,000 on-screen sprites at 30 or 60 frames per second. Its main page has a video demonstrating smooth motion of those sprites, and the games that have already been developed show a similar smoothness to the action.

Several dozen games have been published in both mobile app stores. Game Closure claims that it's been vetted by "millions of users and Top-10 charts in over 20 countries," attesting to the platform's stability and popularity.

DevKit is free for commercial use and 100 percent open-source.  Licensing is via both GPLv3 and the Game Closure Free License (GCFL).

About the Author

Keith Ward is the editor in chief of Virtualization & Cloud Review. Follow him on Twitter @VirtReviewKeith.