Big Data Product Watch: VoltDB 3.0, IKANOW API, TempoDB, BI Tools and Hadoop Replication

Here's a quick look at some of the newest Big Data-related products hitting the market:

  • VoltDB announced version 3.0 of its high-velocity, in-memory relational database, designed to speed up the process of enterprises ingesting, analyzing and acting upon huge amounts of information to increase the business value of Big Data. The company said it increases real-time visibility into that data, "making it possible for developers to create an entirely new generation of Big Data applications, with application functionality that could not be realized with traditional database offerings." The release has JSON support for flexible development, expanded SQL support and client libraries for PHP, Node.js and Go. VoltDB is available for download.
  • IKANOW released a free API based on its open source, cloud-based, Big Data analytics platform, Infinit.e. The company said the API is designed "for developers who create applications that use unstructured data or who integrate unstructured analytics into existing applications." Developers can register for an API key to start using it, with resources available such as "getting started" instructions, an interactive API Explorer, a list of data sources that can be used to build applications, and developer tools such as sample applications and open source code.
  • TempoDB Inc. added new features to its time series database service, designed to manage Big Data indexed by time. This "time series" data includes information that companies can get from billions of sensors and networked devices, such as servers and smart meters, indexed in order by time. "Storage and analysis of time series data has posed a problem for developers; general-purpose databases like MySQL and MongoDB break as data volume increases," the company said. New features added to help address this problem include the ability to better manage users, rename and delete databases, percentile rollups, range rollups and other new rollup formats and capabilities.
  • GoodData Corp. announced two new business intelligence solutions for its cloud-based platform and applications designed to help companies monetize Big Data. The products are called GoodSuccess Bash and GoodSupport Bash. The company describes a "Bash" as a "business mash-up of reports, analytics, metrics and best practices rolled into one." They are designed to help companies analyze and interpret information from cloud apps, the World Wide Web, social media, connected mobile devices and existing systems at the same time. The two new products are aimed at helping companies work with customers and customer-related information. The company's developer portal includes a first-project tutorial, demos and reference information for APIs and custom tools.
  • Attunity Ltd. announced a new product "designed to enable organizations to quickly and easily replicate data files to, from and between Apache Hadoop, the large-volume storage platform that enables Big Data analytics." Called Attunity RepliWeb for Enterprise File Replication, it's is described as a scalable, cross-platform file synchronization and replication solution for servers, both physical and virtualized. The product works with Windows, Linux, Unix and HDFS file systems, and can interact with AWS S3. Attunity targets companies that need to move large amounts of data into and out of Hadoop, such those in the e-commerce, healthcare, mobile and infrastructure management industries. The Attunity Learning Center includes instructional videos, white papers, eBooks, live and on-demand Webinars, a user forum and knowledge base.

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.