Agile Development Tool for Visual Studio Released

A new cloud-based offering from Skytap, a boutique provider of cloud-based infrastructure targeted at developers, aims to aid in agile development and testing processes for Visual Studio developers who use Microsoft's Team Foundation Server (TFS).

The Skytap Automation Pack for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server is designed to dynamically create development and testing environments by automatically provisioning TFS, Visual Studio and Microsoft's Testing Manager workflows using Skytap Cloud.

Sumit Mehrotra, director of product management explained developers can use the automation pack in a variety of scenarios such as those building .NET client apps and for n-Tier server environments such as SharePoint Web Parts.  The automation pack is designed make it easier to define environments and bring them up repeatedly via the click of a button or an API call, according to Mehrotra.

"Within a minute you can standup a complex SharePoint Web Part and deploy it to that farm," Mehrotra said. "And you can do it multiple times and multiple people can do it in parallel. That ease of use really puts the speed back in agile development."

Commenting on why shops would opt to run it on his company's service rather than Microsoft's Windows Azure, Mehrotra argued "it would take a fair bit of effort to set up that environment and set up the capabilities so it could be served up as a golden template and copies of it could be brought up at the click of a button."

The company launched the Skytap Automation Pack for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server at the Microsoft ALM 3 Summit, taking place this week in Redmond.


About the Author

Jeffrey Schwartz is editor of Redmond magazine and also covers cloud computing for Virtualization Review's Cloud Report. In addition, he writes the Channeling the Cloud column for Redmond Channel Partner. Follow him on Twitter @JeffreySchwartz.