Talend Adds Support for NoSQL Databases and Hadoop Profiling

Talend earlier this month released version 5.2 of it open source integration platform, touting new support for NoSQL databases and Apache Hadoop big data profiling.

The company said it has focused on products that simplify the deployment and management of Hadoop and related technologies, lessening the need for extensive expertise in those areas.

Talend 5.2 adds the capability to profile Hadoop big data, or gauge the quality and condition of various forms of data stored across an enterprise in an effort to reduce costly data duplication, incompleteness and inconsistency.

"If organizations are not careful, their big data investment can degenerate from a strategic asset into an unmanageable burden," said Fabrice Bonan, Talend's co-founder and chief technical officer. "Understanding data is essential to using it effectively and improving its quality. To achieve these goals, Talend provides exploratory profiling capabilities to understand the structure and level of quality of data stored in big data platforms such as Hadoop."

The new support for NoSQL databases includes connectors for popular technologies such as Cassandra, HBase and MongoDB. Talend products already include graphical components to more easily configure big data technologies such as Apache Hive or the HDFS file system used by Hadoop.

The company also announced several improvements in individual products in its data integration platform, including better leveraging of multi-core hardware and continuous integration among development, test and production components.

These individual products, including Talend Open Studio for Data Integration, Talend Open Studio for Data Quality, Talend Open Studio for MDM, Talend Open Studio for ESB and Talend Open Studio for Big Data, are now available for download. Version 5.2 of the commercial subscription components will be available by year's end through the usual channels, the company said.

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.