MongoDB Update Highlights Analytics

10gen Inc.'s recent update of its popular NoSQL database, MongoDB, improves analytics and boosts performance, the company said.

MongoDB Version 2.2 features an aggregation framework that "provides the foundation for real-time analytics," the company said. Other reported improvements include location-aware services for multi-datacenter scenarios, better concurrency and more than 600 other enhancements.

10gen contrasted MongoDB with MapReduce, claiming up to an 80-percent improvement of analytics and reporting, along with easier use and execution when compared to the Google-developed programming model/framework. Release notes for the MongoDB upgrade state that "the aggregation framework makes it possible to do aggregation operations without needing to use map-reduce." Among the new aggregation framework features are new operators, expressions and pipeline processing.

Improved concurrency is enabled by a new locking mechanism, the company said, which boosts the performance of frequent disk I/O operations.

Among the other 600-plus reported feature improvements are "time-to-live (TTL) collections, query optimizer improvements, Windows service support, better performance with Windows Server, better usage of heterogeneous hardware and reduced space fragmentation."

10gen also announced on Wednesday the release of an updated Perl MongoDB driver and an asynchronous driver for MongoDB and Python.

MongoDB is available for download in a variety of configurations.

About the Author

David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.