Java Interface Updated for Big Data With Spring Integration

Data management software provider Versant Corporation announced that its Java interface, which is based on Java Persistence API (JPA), is now compatible with the Spring framework.

The Redwood City, Calif.-based company, which specializes in NoSQL data management systems, says that the combination of the Versant JPA 2.0 and Spring "furthers the company's strategy of lowering barriers frequently presented by NoSQL adoption" and allows Java enterprise developers "to more easily manage the volume, variety and velocity of Big Data with existing, standards-based coding skills."

The integration of the Versant JPA and Spring is aimed at developers who want to use their current skillset to take on Big Data with NoSQL technology, says Vishal Bagga, Versant product manager. He says it eliminates one of the most common obstacles to NoSQL adoption.

"The marriage of Spring with Versant's JPA provides an easy solution for those who'd like to make the switch to a NoSQL database without giving up the de facto Java persistence standard JPA," said Versant product manager Vishal Bagga, in a statement.

The JPA, which was an outgrowth of JSR 220 (Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0), is designed to conquer the process of writing code that manipulates data, and simplifies the programming model for entity persistence. Java developers have traditionally had to write complex SQL queries at the persistence layer.

The Spring framework brings a lot to this process with a more consistent approach to managing data, the company said. Spring's Inversion of Control (IoC) approach to coding, for example, enables faster and simpler swapping of mapped object implementations for easier persistence-related code testing in isolation. The company also points to Spring application contexts, which can handle the location and configuration of JPA Entity Manager Factory instances, "making these values easy to manage and change while offering efficient, easy and secure handling of persistence resources."

More information about Versant and its flagship Versant Database Engine is available on the company Web site.

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