Apps Manager Supports Oracle and IBM JVMs

Enterprise management software provider ManageEngine has extended performance monitoring support for Oracle's JRockit Java virtual machine (JVM) and IBM's JVMs in the latest release of its Applications Manager software package. Version 10.0 now provides "single-pane-of-glass" monitoring for the leading JVMs.

Applications Manager is an app monitoring package for heterogeneous business applications, such as Web apps, app servers, Web servers, databases, network services, virtual systems and cloud resources. It's designed to provide remote business management for all the applications or resources in the network, according to the company.

Applications Manager previously extended support to IBM's WebSphere app server and its WebSphere MQ universal messaging backbone, and Oracle's WebLogic Server.

The JVM support specifically aims to help enterprise IT teams to optimize application behavior by tracking JVM performance, garbage collection time, heap memory and other key performance indicators. It also monitors the threads of an application in production, offers fault management features and a range of reporting options.

Oracle inherited the JRockit JVM when it acquired BEA, and it has been the strategic JVM for the Oracle WebLogic Suite. The company announced last year that it would merge JRockit with Sun's Hotspot JVM, which has been more broadly adopted, into a single best-of-breed JVM. JRockit is free for development and internal production use. The company is planning to offer two versions of the merged JVM sometime in the future: free and one a commercial "premium" version. The two OpenJDK-based JVMs will be derived from a merged version of JRockit and HotSpot, still in development.

The Pleasanton, Calif.-based company is a division of Zoho Corporation, formerly known as AdventNet. ManageEngine focuses on large network management frameworks.

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