Microsoft's Java SDK for Team Foundation Server Now Available

Microsoft on Monday launched a new Team Foundation Server (TFS) software development kit (SDK) for Java, available for download here.

"Now you will be able to extend TFS using Java just as easily as you can with .NET," Microsoft Technical Fellow Brian Harry wrote in a blog post announcing the new SDK. "This is going to enable teams using Team Explorer Everywhere to fully customize their development environment -- in Eclipse or outside."

According to Harry, the Visual Studio ALM team wanted TFS to be an "open platform" toolsince it was originally conceived in 2003. Harry said the company "opened" the source code control, reporting and data collection tool to cross-development in 2009.

Some of the features in the Java SDK include:

  • Redistributable components
  • APIs with native code libraries
  • Code samples for things such as custom controls, check-ins and console applications

As far as licensing is concerned, "We've tried hard to make sure the license is as helpful as possible," Harry wrote. "You can use the SDK in your own applications redistributing the files listed for no charge... There is no requirement that people must have Team Explorer Everywhere installed or even have a license for it -- however, you still need to make sure that anyone who is talking to TFS is licensed to use it (usually through a Client Access License)."

Harry also noted that there are a "few" as-of-yet unnamed ISVs the team has been working with on the SDK, and that those ISVs will also support the new SDK in their products:  "Stay tuned in the coming weeks and months for news of these new partners," he wrote.

Harry encouraged those with questions about the API to participate in Microsoft's MSDN TFS Eclipse and Cross Platform forum here.

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