Mingle Agile Tool Addresses Hybrid Trend

Virtually every major Agile survey indicates that most companies practice a mix of Agile and more traditional software development methodologies, and the new version of ThoughtWorks Studios' Mingle tool addresses that issue, the company said last week.

The project management platform "addresses the hybrid nature of Agile implementations," the company said.

Mingle 3.3 focuses on new capabilities to support large, complex enterprise Agile implementations through Application Lifecycle Management integrations, access control and permissions and better user administration and management, according to a news release.

The platform's "unique ability to manage any Agile method, from Scrum and Lean to 'hybrid-Agile,' allows organizations to develop new, innovative development methods while managing existing, legacy processes, including waterfall," ThoughtWorks said.

company intimated that its tools reflected independent advice from Forrester Research that said Agile tool vendors themselves must be agile in meeting user needs. It cited a May 2010 Forrester report titled "Tech Vendors Supporting Agile Must Be Adaptive" that stated "Agile is built on the presumption that individual teams will figure out for themselves the many details of how to plan, build and deliver technology." 

The report also said that "During the course of adoption, teams may perform significant revisions to these details, particularly as they adopt new Agile subdisciplines."

Mingle is available to download for a free one-year trial, according to the ThoughtWorks Web site.

About the Author

David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.