Our Top 10 App Dev News Stories for 2010

Here's the top 10 most popular news stories on for the last year, based on our traffic reports. But we know that the most read doesn't equal the most important, so we want to know: What do you think was the most important development-related news story was in the past year? Let us know by posting in the comments!

10) IDC: Oracle Faces Host of Java Challenges (April 14)

9) Eclipse-Based GUI Builder Supports New GWT Designer Features (May 26)

8) Android Market Frustrates Developers (June 29)

7) Eclipse Survey Says Scrum Most Popular Methodology (June 17)

6) Google Re-Releases GWT Designer, Other Eclipse, Java Dev Tools; Offers Them Free (September 16)

5) Scary Times in Java Land? (November 1)

4) Analysts: Oracle's Lawsuit Against Google Casts Shadow on Java's Future (August 13)

3) New Java IDE: Google App Inventor for Android (July 14)

2) Java Founder Gosling Quits Oracle (April 13)

1) Analysts Weigh In on Apple's Decision To Deprecate Java in Mac OS (October 27)