CollabNet Launches ScrumWorks Pro into the Cloud

In mid-November CollabNet announced ScrumWorks Pro 4.5, an Agile project management tool that can be hosted in the cloud.

The announcement is the latest step in a self-described "aggressive" move into cloud computing by CollabNet, known for its Agile application lifecycle management solutions. The product launch comes only a month after the company acquired Codesion, which hosted cloud-based software version control services such as Subversion.

CollabNet said ScrumWorks Pro 4.5 also offers new reporting capabilities and a new comments feature designed to help developer teams collaborate better through the logging of notes and discussions related to ScrumWorks Pro artifacts.

The new Web-based reporting features for programs and teams help companies monitor and model various development work metrics, even in large, complex or distributed scenarios, CollabNet said in its a news release. The announcement listed several new reports, including Team Average Velocity, Epic Budget Progress and Lean Cycle Time.

Although the new ScrumWorks can be installed on-premise, the company said that the hosted version lets companies give instant access to new team members and provides quick upgrades and high availability, "while eliminating the software, hardware and administration investment costs associated with on-site installations."

The CollabNet Web site indicates that ScrumWorks Pro 4.5 pricing ranges from $280 per month for 10 users to $2,800 per month for 100 users, which is the same as the onsite version. The cloud version comes only in the Pro edition, while the onsite version also comes in a basic edition that is free.

About the Author

David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.