Seapine’s Agile QA Tool Adds Load Testing for Web Apps

Seapine Software yesterday announced a new version of its quality assurance/testing software that includes the ability to load test Web applications as part of the Agile development process.

QA Wizard Pro 2010.2 "adds the ability to combine automated user actions with multiple simulated users to provide the ability to identify issues that occur during normal application use," the company said.

According to Seapine, the software lets users simulate real-world scenarios with increased loads on the Web server, so test teams can find bottlenecks such as cache size or database access. It can simulate multiple browsers during a single load test, perform data-driven load testing, use checkpoints to analyze server responses while test scripts are running, generate detailed reports and more.

The applications for test can be written in various languages, including Java, C#, VB.NET, ActiveX, JavaScript and HTML, among others, and the testing itself can be done using several versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Seapine said that adding load testing to QA Wizard Pro was designed to lower companies' costs in that companies don't need to purchase multiple software packages, plus users don’t need to learn more than one scripting language.

The new release comes with five evaluation virtual user licenses, and non-evaluation licenses -- used simulate real application loads -- can be purchased in blocks of 50. No pricing details were provided.

About the Author

David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.