Eclipse Survey Says Scrum Most Popular Methodology

Agile -- especially Scrum -- rules among developers who use Eclipse, the popular open-source IDE, according to a survey released last week.

The Eclipse Foundation reported that 15.4 percent of respondents identified Scrum as the methodology that best reflects their process for development. That was highest among specific responses, though it came in second to those who reported using no methodology, at 25 percent.

The remaining responses were fragmented among 18 other methodologies, with Agile Modeling (6.4 percent) and Extreme Programming (6.1 percent) taking third and fourth places behind Iterative (10.9 percent) among specific responses (7.8% didn’t know what they used).

The Eclipse Foundation garnered 1,696 respondents who completed the survey, conducted in April and May.

The survey also found that Linux was gaining on Windows as the preferred operating system. The number of Windows users (58.3 percent) fell 16 points from that reported in the foundation’s 2007 survey, and 6 points from the 2009 survey.

Linux, meanwhile, reported an increase of 13 points from 2007 and 6 points from 2009, coming in at 32.7 perccent.

Coders reported they used Java more than any other language (Eclipse is primarily written in Java), followed by C/C++ and PHP.

Other survey highlights include:

  • Subversion is the most popular source code management tool.
  • Ant is the most popular build management tool.
  • Linux is the most popular deployment operating system.
  • MySQL is the most popular database.
  • Apache Tomcat is the most popular application server.
  • Most respondents (58.4 percent) said their organization has no plans to move to the cloud.
  • Google is by far the biggest source of Eclipse-related information.

A PDF of the survey results is available for download here.

About the Author

David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.