Codejock Adds XAML Support to Component Suite

Codejock Technologies LLC has upgraded its toolkits for those developing Visual C++ and ActiveX controls.

The Morrice, Mich.-based component software supplier has added Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) support and a new "Skinbuilder" feature to its ToolKitPro Visual C++ and MFC component offering and SuitePro 2008 ActiveX components. The company says the improvements provide more options for creating and editing custom skins.

Developers had been pushing Codejock to add XAML support to both tools, says Kirk Stowell, the company's CEO: "We've had pretty strong demand for XAML support." The new XAML support lets developers incorporate tags that include hyperlinks and other formatting functions that can be built into apps, he adds. Developers can now incorporate XAML tags to render images and various text formats.

The company's new Skinbuilder feature lets developers create and edit skins -- called Visual Styles -- which are the basis of Codejock's Skin Framework. "This allows developers to build custom skins," Stowell explains. The new SuitePro 2008 adds similar capability using ActiveX components, according to Stowell.

The release also adds a new Office 2007 Mini Toolbar, which allows developers to run the Office 2007 toolbar, to help simplify the process of changing fonts within the dev process. It also includes an Outlook 2007 calendar navigation bar and support for a variety of other Office 2007 functions.

Later this summer, Codejock will add native .NET and Windows Presentation Foundation components, according to Stowell. The software costs $399 per developer. Existing customers can upgrade for $169.

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