Curl Announces Major Eclipse-Focused Changes for Curl IDE, Dev Tools

Earlier this month Curl, developers of the Curl development platform for RIA applications, announced that the company has joined the not-for-profit Eclipse Foundation, developers on the open source Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE).

As part of the announcement, Curl said it will eventually replace all of the current Curl development tools with a set of Eclipse-based plugins. It also said it will replace its proprietary Curl IDE with an entirely new Eclipse-based IDE. The current Curl IDE will then be renamed "Curl Classic."

"Today's programmers expect to do much of their programming in an integrated development environment (IDE) without having to jump around to unrelated and disconnected tools," the company said of the upcoming changes. "Curl understands the developer's need for an ecosystem of tools with a common interface and behavior."

Curl said it expects to release the first beta of the new IDE in "mid-2008."

"The first CDE release will include all the functionality of the Curl Classic IDE, including the Curl language sensitive editor, debugger, search, deployment capabilities, Visual Layout Editor and much more," the company continued. "Future releases of the CDE will integrate the Curl Visual Layout Editor into the Eclipse framework as a Design Perspective, and substantially improve other programming productivity features such as error highlighting in the source-code editor, language sensitive navigation, refactoring and code assistance."

For more information on this announcement, go here.

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