SpringSource Enterprise Edition Now Live

San Mateo, Calif.-based SpringSource this month announced an enterprise edition of its Java-based application platform. The new SpringSource Enterprise Edition product is specifically designed to support large organizations, providing enterprise-class tools and features, according to the company's announcement.

The product aims to meet enterprise requirements by being "certified, warranted and indemnified," the company's announcement explained. Other enhancements include monitoring tools, a performance suite for testing, and improved patch and hotfix delivery.

The product includes a "SpringSource Performance Suite," which includes the new Eclipse-based SpringSource Tool Suite, the SpringSource Application Management Suite and the SpringSource Advanced Pack for Oracle.

SpringSource Enterprise is available only through an annual subscription. Customers can choose between Silver, Gold and Platinum packages. The company did not release pricing information.

"Spring software has been downloaded more than five million times, and is now the ubiquitous platform for applications throughout the world of enterprise Java," Neelan Choksi, chief operating officer at SpringSource, said in a released statement. "With SpringSource Enterprise, customers receive stable, secure and trusted downloads and support directly from the creators of Spring."

More details on SpringSource Enterprise can be found here.

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