Eclipse Foundation Announces New Mobile, Embedded Projects

Last week, the not-for-profit Eclipse Foundation announced several new projects aimed at extending the Eclipse open integrated development environment (IDE) for mobile and embedded applications.

One of the projects announced is Windows Embedded CE Support, which, as the name implies, will extend Eclipse's interoperability with the Windows Embedded CE operating system.

"New support for Windows Embedded CE in the Eclipse Target Management project allows those who are developing Windows CE applications to remotely edit, update and delete files directly on the Windows Embedded CE device," the organization said of the project in a statement.

Another one of the projects announced, Target Communications Framework, will create a "lightweight, extensible" communications protocol. The goal of the project, the organization said, is to help standardize the communications of development tools with a wide range of devices. Sponsors of this project include, Wind River and Freescale.

A third project, the Eclipse Device Debugging Project, will have its debut in June as part of the organization's Ganymede release. This project's framework will let "commercial tool vendors... build advanced debugger integrations in Eclipse."

The organization also announced the Real-Time Software Components (RTSC) Project, a Texas Instruments-led initiative that "will focus on developing Eclipse tools for the development and configuration of C (and C++) applications for highly constrained devices such as digital signal processors (DSPs) and microcontrollers."

"We have made tremendous progress building a diverse community of developers creating open source embedded and mobile technology at Eclipse," commented Doug Gaff, project management committee leader of the Eclipse Device Software Development Platform Project and senior manager at Wind River, in a statement released by the organization. "It is great to see new projects and organizations participating in the Eclipse community."

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