Curl IDE To Be Integrated in Eclipse

Curl Inc. announced earlier this month that it plans to base the next version of its rich Internet application tools on the Eclipse Framework. Moreover, Curl will join the Eclipse Foundation, an organization that supports open source software through its open development platform.

The current Curl integrated development environment (IDE) is being replaced with Curl Development Tools for Eclipse (CDE), due to the popularity of the Eclipse platform with programmers. Eclipse originally started out as a Java IDE, but it now supports other languages, such as C/C++ and Python, through a modular plug-in system.

With CDE installed in Eclipse, developers will be able to program in the Curl language without having to use unfamiliar tools. CDE will contain all of the functionality of the original IDE, such as the language sensitive editor, debugger, layout editor and more. Curl Inc. plans to implement a visual layout in CDE that will be implemented as an Eclipse design perspective.

"The Curl Development Platform is a valuable addition to the Eclipse ecosystem and will further broaden our programming language support beyond Java," stated said Mike Milinkovich, director of the Eclipse Foundation, in a prepared statement. "Curl's support for Eclipse gives developers in our ecosystem a powerful platform for enterprise RIA development, which is growing in importance and prominence."

The CDE is presently in the alpha phase of development, with a public beta expected in mid-2008. The deprecated first-generation Curl IDE will be known as "Curl Classic IDE" and will be available alongside the first CDE release.

More information on Curl is available here.

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