BEA Systems Releases WebLogic Portal v10.2

BEA Systems, a provider of enterprise infrastructure technology, announced the availability of WebLogic Portal 10.2 earlier this month. The solution is a Java-based portal for service-oriented infrastructure. It supports the creation of Web pages with dynamic content, as well as composite applications and Web 2.0 apps.

The portal can enhance business applications by combining functionality from other software deployments in the form of mashups. This version of the portal also includes improved AJAX functionality, increased security measures and "native Eclipse 3.2.2 integration and tooling," according to an announcement issued by BEA.

A "clipper" tool allows old Web sites to be imported as portlets. WebLogic Portal 10.2 also enables the use of RSS feeds to improve dynamic content.

The product is designed to support the use of Web 2.0-style applications at the enterprise level, according to Mark Carges, executive vice president at BEA Systems Inc.

"We are excited with the new release of BEA WebLogic Portal, as it offers our Java developers new capabilities for creating dynamic and modern portal applications, helping to bring the same vibrancy and dynamic experiences to their applications that Web 2.0 has brought to the consumer Internet."

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