NetBeans Giving Away $100K+ in Open Source Grants

Earlier this month, NetBeans announced its Innovator Grants program designed to award "ideas on how to improve the NetBeans Project."

Ten programmers or programming teams will earn grants of $11,500 for their ideas, with another 10 earning $2,000 for "smaller projects," according to a NetBeans Community announcement. Two projects will be selected for the $11,000 gold prize, and another two will win a $5,000 silver project award.

The deadline for submissions is March 3, with grant winners to be announced on April 1. More details on the contest can be found here.

NetBeans is a module-based integrated development environment (IDE) for Java coders. It was released as an open source project by Sun Microsystems in 2000.

The contest is part of Sun's $1 million dollar innovator awards program, which is also giving away grants for Open JDK, OpenSolaris, OpenSparc, Project GlassFish and OpenOffice projects. More information on all of these Sun-sponsored awards can be found here.

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