LongJump Introduces Database-as-a-Service

Sunnyvale, Calif.-based LongJump recently revealed a new application programming interface that allows LongJump's platform to offer database-as-a-service (DaaS) capability to organizations. The company's DaaS enables relational database access and storage on demand.

LongJump's service is similar to Amazon's S3 Web storage service, which allows a user to create and access an online file locker for a fee that varies, depending on the space used. However, instead of a file locker, LongJump's DaaS provides customers with a complete environment for hosting a Web-enabled database. It provides security and none of the hassles of maintaining a database server.

Many businesses typically organize and store data in spreadsheets and lightweight client-side database applications that are put together by business analysts and team members. In many cases, these solutions do not offer the same performance, security, connection sharing and access control of an online database solution, such as provided by MySQL or MS SQL Server. LongJump allows people with nominal spreadsheet and database skills to move their data to DaaS and reap the benefits of online database functionality without having to set up their own LAMP or MS SQL server. Unlike conventional solutions, DaaS does not require any additional infrastructure or database administration ability on the client's side.

According to LongJump founder and CEO Pankaj Malviya, businesses are open to using such tools.

"Businesses want unified Web applications that help them manage their critical business information and processes.... LongJump's DaaS makes it possible for businesses to access secure, customizable, and fully functional business applications that are highly affordable," he explained in a prepared statement.

LongJump displays data through a Web browser, like other database solutions. Web developers can build data-driven Web sites that interact with the DaaS infrastructure using a REST-based, XML API that provides a way to build a front end that can add, update, remove, search and display data from the database. The DaaS infrastructure is also compatible with common developer programming languages.

DaaS itself is a fully managed relational database architecture and infrastructure that includes SAS 70 Type II data protection compliance, enterprise level security, flexible access and control, and 99.999 percent uptime.

LongJump DaaS pricing for the full service starts at $19.95 per user per month (with a 12-month commitment) or $24.95 per user per month (without commitment).

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