AJAX Framework jMaki 1.0 Goes Live

jMaki 1.0, a client-server framework for handling objects on Web pages such as widgets, is now available for download. According to Sun's JMaki Project page, JMaki "provides a lightweight model for creating JavaScript-centric, AJAX-enabled Web applications using Java, Ruby, PHP and Phobos."

jMaki features various premade widgets, which can be viewed at the JMaki Widget Gallery. The creator of JMaki, Greg Murray, suggested in his blog that the JMaki Netbeans plug-in be used with JMaki to simplify development. The plug-in lets you create new pages using JMaki templates. Moreover, widgets can be added via drag and drop.

The framework includes JMaki Glue to handle publish/subscribe events, JMaki Timers to time events and JMaki Injector to transfer scripts to a page.

For more information on jMaki and to access the downloads, go here.

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