Embarcadero Enhances Data Modeling Tool

Embarcadero Technologies has unveiled ER/Studio 7.5, a data modeling solution that helps businesses discover and reuse data assets. The solution supports standard data definitions, which is helpful for communication across heterogeneous environments, such as service-oriented architectures (SOAs). Data definitions are generated in well formed, standards-based XML schemas.

Standardization and reducing redundancy are key to maintaining consistency among databases running on multiple on-site and remote platforms, according to Christopher Robin, database administrator for Advanced System Design. His company uses ER/Studio 7.5 to "enforce standards, enable reuse, and improve the efficiency and quality of modeling projects" for clients, according to an announcement issued by Embarcadero.

The product's XML schema-generation capability lets developers generate schema from logical and physical data models. The new version includes a naming standards utility and data type mapping editor.

A data model conversion utility in ER/Studio 7.5 maintains metadata quality. It imports data from the following sources:

  • Modeling tools;
  • Business intelligence platforms;
  • Extract, transform and load platforms; and
  • Industry-standard exchange formats.

The conversion utility helps migrate data models from various tools, such as CA's ERwin Data Modeler and Sybase's PowerDesigner, among others.

The SOA development lifecycle requires customized XML that's understandable and repeatable, according to Greg Keller, Embarcadero's vice president of product management.

"The data architect now is on the front lines of assisting application architects seeking standard data definitions for use in SOA-based projects and they demand the data definitions in well formed, standards-based XML schemas," he explained.

Pricing for ER/Studio 7.5, which is currently available, starts at $1,795 per user.

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