Tibco Ramps Up Open Source AJAX

Tibco Software has donated its core AJAX message bus technology to the OpenAjax Alliance (OAA) Hub project. The technology is part of Tibco's open source PageBus solution, which the company also unveiled in an announcement.

The OAA Hub project is the initial effort being spearheaded by the OAA, a consortium of companies working on interoperable and open AJAX-based Web technologies. Tibco, an OAA member, contributed its PageBus core to "help set the industry standard" on the AJAX client-side message bus technology.

The principal aim of the OAA's Hub project is that it will enable Web developers to use "multiple AJAX runtime libraries together within the same application," according to the OAA's Web site.

By enabling multiple AJAX runtime libraries, the Hub technology can be used for mashups as well as for portals that support AJAX technologies.

Developers can the technology to "easily create composite applications from reusable parts and services," according to Tibco's announcement.

The Hub technology works by providing a publish/subscribe event manager for loose assembly and integration of AJAX components, which can then communicate with each other through the Hub.  

Tibco plans to host an "Ultimate Mashup AJAX Challenge," running through Sept. 30. The contest, cosponsored by, will award prizes to those who can create the world's biggest mashup, provided they use certain Tibco open source tools.

About the Author

Kurt Mackie is online news editor, Enterprise Group, at 1105 Media Inc.