Bank Integrates Apps Via CodeMesh

Wachovia Investment Banking, a division of financial services giant Wachovia, has leveraged JunC++ion and JuggerNET from integrated programming provider CodeMesh to ease programming language integration projects to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars saved and drastically reduced project time.

"What would have taken months of effort to get these integration projects right instead took a few days," said Brent Smolinski, Wachovia's vice president of credit risk architecture, in a prepared statement. "CodeMesh paid for itself within weeks."

Hundreds of Wachovia computers on a distributed computing grid must run market simulations as part of the company's risk analysis practices. It is a fundamental and regular process for an investment bank.

Using JunC++ion, Wachovia can combine the grid's Java-based middleware with C++ analytics libraries that run the risk computations. This provides Wachovia with mission-critical benefits: granular ones, such as setting risk limits on individual traders, or overarching benefits, such as computing the amount of capital the bank needs to hold in reserve to comply with federal regulations.

Wachovia also uses JuggerNET to quickly and securely design customer-facing graphical user interfaces written in C++ that integrate with back-end programs that are written in Java.

About the Author

David Kopf is a freelance technology writer and marketing consultant, and can be reached at [email protected].