Trolltech Adds Java Support to Qt Framework

Trolltech has rolled out a rich client application development framework for Java that's built on its Qt C++ product.

The company's new Qt Jambi product is for developers of Java applications, as well as for C++ developers wanting to add Java applications.

Qt Jambi helps software development companies integrate C++ and Java coding and skills, supporting greater collaborative efforts. The product works with third-party tools and integrated development environments. Developers can use the product with "the language of their choice," according to an announcement issued by the company.

Qt Jambi integrates with the Eclipse open source framework, as well as with tools such as OpenGL for three-dimensional graphics.

Trolltech's products are based on Qt, a cross-platform object-oriented development framework for graphical user interface-based applications. Qt applications run on Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, as well as Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, and various Unix systems.

Qt is used for the K Desktop Environment (KDE) for Unix systems, as well as for the Google Earth three-dimensional mapping program, Skype peer-to-peer Internet telephony application and the Opera browser, among others.

Trolltech licenses its Qt Jambi product for open source or commercial use. In addition to its cross-platform software development products, the company offers its Qtopia platform for Linux-embedded devices.

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