SWsoft To Offer Entry-Level Virtualization Bundle

Hoping to appeal to corporate IT shops looking to do their first implementation of virtualization technology, SWsoft on Wednesday will introduce an entry-level turnkey solution of its flagship product that will be priced below $1,200.

Appropriately called the Virtuozzo Starter Pack, the solution is specifically tailored to help less-experienced administrators deploy OS virtualization technology for those projects involving the consolidation of smaller servers. Company officials claim the software can be downloaded, configured and ready for use in just several minutes.

Virtualization technologies are rapidly gaining a lot of interest among both large and small IT shops because it allows them to consolidate a number of workloads onto fewer servers, thereby significantly reducing hardware costs. It can also give users more options in pursuing a number of different computing architectures.

"I think this approach gives users a way to get comfortable with the technology and to see how it can complement their consolidation projects," said SWsoft CEO Serguei Beloussov.

Included in the bundled solution is the company's VZP2V-Physical-to-Virtual tool that is intended to make it easier for administrators to migrate their software from a physical server to a virtual one using Virtuozzo. The new software can help admins make a better determination about the necessary resources a particular server and its applications need in order to perform well, company officials said.

The bundle also contains a management toolset that allows admins to manage end-to-end a starter pack-based server including the abilities to provision, monitor and do backup and recovery operations.

Compatible with either Windows or Linux, the Virtuozzo Starter Pack includes a license for servers with either one or two processors, a full management toolset and one year of the company's Silver-level support and maintenance plan.

Explaining how the Virtuozzo works, company executives said the software can partition a single Windows or Linux operating system instance and allow it to work as a scalable virtual environment. The server-based software allows hundreds of virtual environments on every physical server, company officials said.

Available immediately, Virtuozzo is priced at $999, with technical support costing an additional $199. Administrators interested in downloading the product can go here.

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