AJAX Report: Parasoft Offers Test Suite

A number of companies announced tools to support enterprise applications using AJAX technology last week. Here are some of those announcements to date.

Parasoft Corp. has released a new version of its Web testing suite that determines JavaScript errors in AJAX applications. Its WebKing 6.0 automatically detects errors and can determine if the errors are generated on the client or server side. It helps with the development of complex AJAX/RIA applications, such as Google Maps. The suite is currently available for Windows, Linux and Solaris platforms.

Synactive Software Components has enhanced its graphical user interface (GUI) for building SAP enterprise resource planning Web applications. The new GuiXT Fuzion product lets users easily create new iViews for SAP Portal. Users can create interfaces without ABAP or Java coding.

Desiderata Software is offering an API that lets users skip JavaScript and use Java instead when accessing and manipulating Internet Explorer's Document Object Model (DOM) tree. The company's Jaxcent product lets users carry out all AJAX style operations right from Java. It's designed for AJAX trusted environments, rather than general purpose Web sites.

Laszlo Systems has rolled out a new version of its open-source platform for creating Web-delivered applications that look like desktop programs. OpenLaszlo 4.0 is a rich Internet application (RIA) platform that supports the delivery of applications in browsers using either AJAX or Flash. The product is available as a free, OSI-certified download to developers at The company also sells its Laszlo Webtop software, based on OpenLaszlo, which creates conventional desktop interfaces via standard browsers. has enhanced its Rich Web Mail product, which now uses AJAX technologies. The solution allows for a more feature-rich e-mail experience. Messages are delivered to the browser automatically, without having to reload the Web page. E-mails can be previewed via a resizable pane. The product also enables shared address books and calendars.

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